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(46th meeting) High-level segment - Economic and Social Council, 2017 session
19 Jul 2017 -  High-level segment (E/2017/33, E/2017/64, E/2017/69, E/2017/66* and E/2017/72) [item 5]
(a) Ministerial meeting of the high-level political forum on sustainable development, convened under the auspices of the Council (A/71/976–E/2017/79)
Continuation of general debate (rolling list of speakers based on time limits of six minutes for group statement and four minutes for national statements)
His Excellency Tekeda Alemu, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations (on behalf of the ‘Group of Friends of Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development)
His Excellency Patrick A. Chinamasa, Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Zimbabwe
His Excellency Nicos Kouyialis, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus
His Excellency Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister for Public Administration of Sweden
His Excellency Álvaro García, Minister of Budget and Planning of Uruguay
His Excellency Ado Lõhmus, Deputy Minister of Environment of Estonia
Her Excellency María Luisa Navarro, Vice-Minister for Multilateral Affairs and International Cooperation of Panama
His Excellency Sergiy Kyslytsya, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
His Excellency José Antônio Marcondes de Carvalho, Vice-Minister of Environment, Energy, Service and Technology of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
His Excellency Andrew Doyle, Minister of State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture of Ireland
Her Excellency Gabriela Agosto, Executive Secretary of the National Council for Coordination of Social Policies of Argentina
His Excellency Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim Mohamed, State Minister of Welfare and Social Security of the Sudan
Ms. Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Development of Canada
Her Excellency Nezha El Ouafi, Secretary of State to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development of Morocco
Mr. Amir Muharemi, Assistant Minister for Multilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia
Mr. Ferenc Dancs, Deputy Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary
Ms. Nerissa Cook, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations of the United States
Mr. Belhimeur Merzak, Director-General of International Economic and Social Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria
Ms. Alena Sabelova, Director-General, Office of the Government of Slovakia
Mr. Jeong Jinkyu, Director-General of the Development Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea
Ms. Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom
Ms. Rabiatou Serah Diallo, President of the Economic and Social Council of Guinea
Mr. Nino Tkhilava, Head, Department of Environmental Policy and International Relations, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia
Ms. Mara Simane, Advisor, Cross-sectoral Coordination Centre of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia
Mr. Wilson Irungu Nyakera, Principal Secretary, State Department for Planning, Ministry of Devolution of Kenya
Mr. Hatem Chakroun, Deputy Head of the Development Division at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France
His Excellency Liu Jieyi, Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to United Nations
Her Excellency María Emma Mejía Vélez, Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations
His Excellency Éric Y. Tiaré, Permanent Representative of Burkina Faso to the United Nations
Her Excellency María Rubiales de Chamorro, Permanent Representative of Nicaragua to the United Nations
His Excellency Odo Tevi, Permanent Representative of Vanuatu to the United Nations
His Excellency Khalifa bin Ali bin Issa Al-Harthy, Permanent Representative of Oman to the United Nations
His Excellency Max Hufanen Rai, Permanent Representative of Papua New Guinea to the United Nations
His Excellency Burhan Gafoor, Permanent Representative of Singapore to the United Nations
His Excellency Gerard van Bohemen, Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the United Nations
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