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(4th meeting) 14th Coordination Meeting on International Migration
26 Feb 2016 -  Organized by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

International migration is a global phenomenon that is growing in scope, complexity and impact. Today, virtually all countries in the world are simultaneously countries of destination, origin and transit for international migrants. Traditional migration patterns are complemented by new migratory flows, fuelled by changing economic, demographic, political and social conditions. Changing migration patterns affect the size and composition of migrant populations as well as economies and societies in countries of origin and destination. The rise in global mobility, the growing complexity of migratory patterns and the impact of such movements on development have all contributed to international migration becoming a priority for the international community.

IX. Coordination of work programmes and activities: Priorities for 2016
Activities of the 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development
Amb. Shahidul Haque, Bangladesh
The results of the GMG retreat: priorities for 2016
Meg Jones, UN Women
Practical approaches by civil society
Colin Rajah, Global Coalition on Migration
Moderator: Jorge Bravo, Population Division
X. Tour-de-table
Moderator: Clare Menozzi, Population Division
XI. Closing of the meeting
John Wilmoth, Population Division
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