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(4th meeting) 2017 session of the UNICEF Executive Board (13-16 June 2017)
14 Jun 2017 -  1. UNICEF programme cooperation:
(a) Country programme documents
The Executive Board will consider one country programme document as follows: West and Central Africa: Cameroon (E/ICEF/2017/P/L.3) [item 6]
(b) Extensions of ongoing country programmes (E/ICEF/2017/P/L.4) [item 6]
2. Annual report for 2016 on the evaluation function in UNICEF, and management perspective (E/ICEF/2017/11), (UNICEF/2017/EB/6) [item 7]
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): Review of development effectiveness, 2012-2015, and management response
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