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(4th Meeting) Economic and Social Council: Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs - ECOSOC, 2017 session
16 May 2017 -  Session 6: Emerging frontiers: Evolving STI developments with implications for SDGs
This session will recognize the cross cutting nature of emerging issues associated with STI, and their implications across SDGs, including potential solutions. Issues to be discussed include automation, artificial intelligence and biotechnology.
Session 7: Supporting the implementation of the Technology Facilitation Mechanism
This session will take stock of progress made in implementing the TFM and aim to rally financial and technological support for the TFM. It will discuss work on mapping of STI capacity building work and discuss the way forward in developing and maintaining the TFM online platform. It will also report on the outcomes of a meeting of funders of integrated research for the SDGs
Conclusions and way forward
This session will take stock of the main areas for actions highlighted during the forum where STI could help achieve the SDGs, including messages from the Exhibition and the Special Event. It will also look at how the forum might further develop over the next 14 years to better serve the needs of its stakeholders. This will include:
- Report of key messages and action items:
Dr. Bill Colglazier, Co-Chair of the TFM 10-Member Group
- Recommendations to be taken forward to the next HLPF
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