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8th Economic and Social Council Youth Forum (8-9 April) - Thematic Breakout Session on SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
8 Apr 2019 -  The session will provide a platform for voices of young people, representing Member states, UN system, youth organizations and civil society to reflect on the future of education and develop collective ideas, solutions and innovations to advance the achievement of the SDG 4:
● Provide a platform for inclusive youth-centered discussion on the SDG 4, to be reviewed during the upcoming HLPF.
● Address the challenges faced by youth in the field of education, focusing one the needs of most vulnerable and marginalized.
● Emphasize the contributions youth can make to achieve the youth-specific targets of the SDG 4.
● Highlight success stories, networks and opportunities for youth development and engagement.
● Develop a set of concrete recommendations for acceleration of the progress on SDG 4.
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