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Advancing Quality Education and Lifelong Learning though STI
14 May 2019 -  The event will highlight ways to harness science, technology and innovation in advancing quality and equitable education to all especially as the digital divides are growing bigger and inequalities persist. In particular, the discussion seeks to:
explore interactions between STI and education, in particular, how technology could be harnessed for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4;
share information on latest trends and good practices in applying technology and innovation, including AI, in advancing relevant, equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all;
foster a debate on competencies and skills that are required in today’s labour market;
discuss how education can prepare individuals and societies to live, work and contribute to the society in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.
The event will strongly contribute to the STI Forum by facilitating the discussion of science, technology and innovation cooperation around the SDG 4, which is under review this year, and will touch upon a number of crosscutting areas related to other goals under the review.
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