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António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) holds first global townhall with staff
9 Jan 2017 -  Secretary-General António Guterres held his first global town hall meeting with staff today.
The Secretary-General welcomed staff and expressed his pleasure in being able to talk with his staff members as a colleague.
The value of any organisation is in its staff and I rely on UN Staff to face the challenges, he said. It is clear that the UN has never been as necessary as today. But it's true that there are doubts about our role and our capacity, which sometimes can be fuelled by some of our shortcomings, he said, adding that the issue of sexual abuse has been very detrimental.
To deliver the best we can, we need to do more and to reform. I have already identified a number of priorities, including related to peace architecture and to our development agenda. Our most visible activity, peacekeeping, is taking place in an environment where there is not much peace to keep, said the Secretary-General.
Mr. Guterres added that reform would need to be done through consultation with staff. He said there was a need for balance, for example between job security and flexibility, adding that gender parity and regional diversity must also be taken into account. It’s only in dialogue that these issues can be addressed, he indicated.
“I’m still in the learning curve. I have no magic solution,” said the Secretary-General. He noted the issue of legacy systems, such as Umoja. “These are reforms that were decided and there is no going back, but we need to move forward and to fix the glitches."
Mr. Guterres said he understood that there was low staff morale in some parts of the Organization, even though it is a privilege to work for the noblest causes of humanity.
For the first time, staff from the whole UN System have been invited to follow the townhall, and staff have been invited to make comments and suggestions.
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