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Artificial Intelligence: Technology to Serve Humankind, Setting Legal Standards
28 Oct 2019 -  Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the potential to serve humankind and to bring benefits to individuals, societies and businesses.

Technological advancements can enhance human development and contribute to creating optimal conditions for the exercise of human rights. At the same time, we need to address questions of fairness, of the risk of perpetuating bias and stereotypes, of discriminatory decision-making patterns, and of challenges related to interpretability, privacy, security and oversight. And we should ask ourselves: what can countries and international organisations do to address the challenge of “algocracy”?

The discussion Artificial Intelligence – Technology to Serve Humankind will engage the audience in critical reflection on the challenges and opportunities that AI carries for individuals and societies, and for the viability of institutional frameworks, with a special emphasis on the use of the technology for public policies that enhance the quality of life and progress of humankind.

The event will address the legal and ethical questions that accompany the current and potential use of AI in our society and identify potential ways forward.

Co-sponsored by Slovenia, Council of Europe and UNESCO.
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