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Citizen Ambassador 2010, Olga Shibaeva, Russian Federation
8 Oct 2010 -  Olga Shibaeva, 28, is an economist, writer, environmental philosopher and activist from Russia.  Career oriented and goal driven, Olga experienced a gradual change in her life. Her experiences with the very poor and very rich in capitals and in small villages, allowed her to think more deeply and reflect. She developed an interest for philosophy, an understanding of the nature of life and yearning for a more simple life. One of Olga’s most unique projects involved the collection of photo-data about abandoned Russian villages.

Alongside these interests, Olga continued to be interested in economics and is currently pursuing a master’s programme in Economic Demography at the School of Economics, Lund university (Sweden) exploring new theories, trends, policies, and challenges concerning world population.

In her winning video entry Olga emphasizes that people around the world have the same basic everyday challenges. While this was Olga’s first experience of video-making she hopes that her video will contribute to making our society more sustainable and peaceful.

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