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Confronting barriers to rural women’s economic, social and cultural rights (CSW62 side event)
13 Mar 2018 -  This event will explore openings to confront structural barriers to realizing the economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) of rural, indigenous and minority women and girls, as well as those displaced from rural communities to informal urban settlements. Many rural communities lack adequate basic public services, undermining rights to health and education, and to safe and clean water and sanitation, among others. In many places, rural communities do not have recognized rights to land and other natural resources. These same communities are often exposed to the negative impacts of large-scale extractive, energy and infrastructure projects, as well land grabs and climate change. For most women, these impacts are magnified by patriarchal social norms shaping the division of labor including care, land tenure and participation in key decision-making processes. During the event, grassroots and allied leaders and advocates will share their analysis from different regions and discuss emerging openings to advance the ESCR and leadership of rural, indigenous and minority women. Permanent Mission of Finland together with ESCR-Net
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