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David Beasley (Executive Director, World Food Programme) - SDG Media Zone at the World Economic Forum in Davos (22-25 January 2019, Davos, Switzerland)
23 Jan 2019 -  Despite years of progress, hunger is on the rise due to conflict and climate change. David Beasley, Executive of the World Food Programme, explains why it’s still possible to achieve zero hunger by 2030 and the types of partnerships that can get us there.
On 22-25 January 2019 in Davos, the SDG Media Zone hosted conversations with world leaders, economists, influencers attending the World Economic Forum.
The SDG Media Zone — a live format of interviews, panel discussions and other digital content—seeks to create, connect, and highlight the initiatives that the global community is working on to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Bringing together well-known personalities and Member States as well as content creators, influencers and media partners, the Zone provides a dynamic space to strengthen the commitment of the international community in support of the 2030 Agenda.
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