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Diversity and Lessons to be Learned for Human Understanding - DPI/NGO Briefing
25 Jan 2018 -  One of the main lessons to be learned from the Holocaust is the need to protect the human dignity and human rights of all people, wherever they may be, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, gender or political beliefs.
Acceptance of cultural diversity, open mindedness and education for tolerance are key elements in building a world in which we live peacefully side by side our fellow human beings.
Learning from the past through Holocaust remembrance and embracing these values will help prevent such acts of terror from recurring in the future.
Join us for a discussion with a group of NGO experts who are working to promote Holocaust education and diversity, including: Betty Ehrenberg, Executive Director, World Jewish Congress North America; David Michaels, Director, UN and Intercommunal Affairs, B’nai B’rith International; Jason Sirois, National Director, No Place for Hate initiative, Anti-Defamation League. Welcome remarks will be made by Hawa Diallo, NGO Relations & Advocacy Unit, and Kimberly Mann, Chief, Education and Outreach Section, will moderate.
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