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Ebola Update - Noon Briefing (7 January 2015)
7 Jan 2015 -  Ebola Update by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General at the Daily Noon Briefing at UN Headquarters in New York.
On Ebola, just flagging a note that was issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) late yesterday, in which it says that no suspected cases of Ebola have been found in Iraq, contrary to a rumour reported by several media outlets.
A quick note on Ebola: Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the new Head of the UN Emergency Response on Ebola (UNMEER), was in Liberia today.
In a press conference, he stressed that there had been a lot of progress in the fight against Ebola, noting that Lofa County – the former epicenter of the outbreak -- has been Ebola free for eight consecutive weeks.
However, he said now is not the time to ease up on our efforts and that zero cases – in Liberia and the entire region – must be everyone’s goal.
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