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Empowering People for Sustainable Development, Commission for Social Development, Fifty-Second Session
12 Feb 2014 -  Empowerment is not new to the United Nations. Our long-standing efforts to protect human rights, promote job creation and improve access to education and health-care all have empowerment at their core.
The goal is to ensure that people have the opportunities they need to live better lives in dignity and security.
Empowerment is the main theme for the United Nations Commission for Social Development as it convenes for its fifty-second session in New York in February. And this year's meeting is of particular importance, as it will discuss six resolutions on a range of issues, such as disability, family and aging.
The commission will focus its attention on promoting empowerment, in order to achieve poverty eradication, social integration, full employment, and decent work for all.
The commission's main goal will be to highlight social issues, especially in the post 2015 development agenda, in order to ensure that no-one is left behind.
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