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Security Council: Preparing for security implications of rising temperatures (Arria Formula meeting).
15 Dec 2017 -  (António Guterres, NYU, May 2017) "Climate change is a direct threat in itself, and a multiplier of many other threats - from poverty to displacement to conflict. The effects of climate change are already being felt around the world. They are dangerous and accelerating”. - How could the task deriving from the 2011 Presidential Statement of the Security Council be promoted and reinforced within the UN system and beyond? - How can the Security Council, benefiting the United Nations System at large, become more consistent and effective in the assessment of new security risks generated by climate change? - How can we better prepare to avoid destabilizing phenomena with potentially global implications (e.g. sea level rise, droughts, floods, natural disasters), and mitigate the effects of such phenomena (e.g. climate induced migration, food insecurity, economic loss, increased social and economic stress caused by urbanization, fight over scarce resources) that will trigger or further aggravate political strife, unrest and conflict? - How can the Security Council use its unique role within the UN system to prevent climate change-induced conflicts? Due to technical difficulties the first 30 minutes of the meeting are closed another version will be up as soon as possible
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