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For a fairer world: tackling homelessness in Asia, social protection, necessity and insufficiency (CSocD58 Side Event)
19 Feb 2020 -  With 4.3 billion inhabitants, Asia is the largest continent and the most populated (around 60% of the world population). Despite the relative economic health of Asian countries, this region is home to one of the highest concentrations of poor people in the world. Mainly focused on the fight against poverty, their social policy is above all at the service of a primary objective: successful integration into the world economy, so letting traditional family or local support structures play the essential role.
ILO report 2019 recommends increasing public spending on social protection to expand social protection coverage, particularly in Africa, Asia and the Arab States, to ensure at least one level of protection social minimum for all. Our theme will highlight the solutions proposed to combat the problem of access to housing in Asia.
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