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General Assembly, 69th plenary meeting, 71st Session
2 Feb 2017 -  1. Culture of peace: draft resolution A/71/L.56 [item 14]
2. Sustainable development; Oceans and the law of the sea: draft decision (A/71/L.57) [items 19 and 73 (a)]
3. Disaster risk reduction: draft resolution A/71/L.54 [item 19 (c)]
4. The role of diamonds in fuelling conflict [item 30]
(a) Note verbale from the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General transmitting the report of the Kimberley Process (A/71/665)
(b) Draft resolution A/71/L.55
5. Appointment of members of the Committee on Conferences: note by the Secretary-General (A/71/107) [item 115 (g)]
6. Appointment of members of the Joint Inspection Unit: note by the President of the General Assembly (A/71/752) [item 115 (h)]
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