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Geneva Press Briefing: HRC, UNICEF, IOM, UNHCR, WMO, WTO
17 Mar 2017 -  PRESS BRIEFING – Friday, 17 March 2017

HRC - Rolando Gomez
• HRC update
UNICEF - Sarah Crowe
• EU-Turkey statement one year on – consequences for refugee and migrant children Guest speaker: Lucio Melandri, UNICEF Senior Emergency Manager for Refugee and Migrant Crisis

UNHCR - Babar Baloch
• As Mosul displacement continues, UNHCR opens new camps, expands appeal
• South Sudan’s refugee crisis now world’s fastest growing, Uganda and region in critical need of help

IOM - Joel Millman / Leonard Doyle / Itayi Viriri
• Worldwide data on Migrant deaths…2016…
• IOM announced 10,000 resettled migrants from GREECE PROGRAM

WMO - Clare Nullis
• Release of annual state of the climate report for 2016;
• World Meteorological Day 23 March: theme is Understanding Clouds to mark the release of a new International Cloud Atlas - which is the authoritative single source to observe and identify clouds which drive our weather, climate and water patterns.

WTO - Jessica Hermosa
• WTO agenda

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