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Geneva Press Briefing: UNICEF, OHCHR,UNHCR, WHO, IOM, WMO, ITU
19 Dec 2017 -  ATTENDANCE LIST

UNICEF- Christophe Boulierac, with Christine Muhigana, UNICEF Representative in the Central African Republic (by phone from Bangui)
• Central African Republic – Update on the situation of children
• Yemen - Deepening water crisis amid severe fuel shortages

OHCHR- Rupert Colville
• Yemen - Civilian casualties
• Gaza – Shooting

UNHCR- Andrej Mahecic
• Bangladesh - Update on the refugee situation
• Cameroon - Displacement
• Ukraine - Preparation for winter

IOM- Joel Millman
• International Migrants Day events, including this week's MIGAPP launch
• Iraq and Ukraine - IOM projects to winterize dwellings of Displaced Persons
• Mediterranean crossings and rising numbers of migrant fatalities worldwide

WMO- Clare Nullis
• The state of the climate in November

ITU- Jennifer Ferguson Mitchell
• Ensuring safety of World’s 59,000 in-flight aircrafts through enhanced satellite tracking
• 2017 EQUALS in Tech Awards in Geneva
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