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Harnessing the Data Revolution for Urban Sustainability, Urban Stage, Habitat III
18 Oct 2016 -  The data revolution is upon us! More data are produced today than ever before, from a multitude of sources. Geo-spatial monitoring, citizen-generated and crowd-sourced data, and big data, are increasingly available in real time and complement official statistics. The private sector, academia, and civil society are using this growing variety of data to make profits, inform research, drive innovation, and support advocacy. Enhancing accessibility and capacity to use data for decision-making is critical to the New Urban Agenda’s vision of action to drive sustainable urban development. Integrated and coordinated data generated through collaborative, participatory processes are essential to planning and monitoring cities in the 21th Century, and empowering citizens. Partnering across sectors to harness the explosion of available data, technologies, skills, and opportunities to connect multiple data sources is essential to unlocking data for evidence-based decision making.
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