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Implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2270: Challenges and the Way Forward - Briefing and discussion
30 Jun 2016 -  DPRK nuclear threat and the need for a robust UN sanctions regime (Moderator: Spain PR - Ambassador Roman Oyarzun, Chair of 1718 Committee)

- The DPRK Nuclear Threat: Prospects, how it endangers the world, and how to address it (ROK PR - Ambassador Oh Joon)
- Past, Present and future of the DPRK Sanctions Regime: The significance of Resolution 2270 and critical global implementation needs (US PR – Ambassador Samantha Power)
- Regional Impact of DPRK’s Violation: The threat DPRK poses to East Asia and why the region should strengthen collaboration and cooperation to improve the implementation of DPRK sanctions including Resolution 2270 (Japan PR - Ambassador Koro Bessho)
- Keynote: The Role of UN sanctions in Addressing the DPRK Nuclear Issue (Dr. Gary Samore, Executive Director for Research, Belfer Center, Harvard University and formerly President Obama’s White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction)
- Presentation: Identifying and addressing DPRK’s sanctions evasion techniques (Hugh Griffiths, Coordinator of 1718 Panel of Experts)
- Discussion (Q&A with participating Ambassadors)

High-level discussion jointly organized by the Republic of Koreas, the United States and Japan.
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