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International Day of Family Remittances: Supporting one billion people reach their own SDGs
14 Jun 2019 -  The event will provide a platform to exchange good practices, that can guide Member States, the private sector and civil society in the implementation of Objective 20 of the Global Compact for Migration.
The meeting has four main objectives:
1. To exchange practical examples and strategies of successful initiatives at national, regional and global level aimed at maximizing remittances and migrant investment for sustainable development and promoting financial inclusion for migrants and their families.
2. To explore the role of private sector entities involved in the remittance market as well as central banks in promoting the implementation of relevant goals and targets of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the SDGs as well as Objective 20 of the GCM.
3. To promote multi-stakeholder partnerships to develop practical solutions for implementing the 2030 Agenda and the GCM.
4. To “explore options for policy makers at national and local levels to enhance positive and mitigate negative effects of migration and remittances in the transformation of rural areas” in response to the 2019 GFMD Roundtable 3.2 Goals (SDGs).
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