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Launch of Strategy on Equality in Law for Women and Girls by 2030: A Multistakeholder Strategy for Accelerated Action - CSW63 Side Event
20 Mar 2019 -  Responding to the adverse impact of discriminatory laws on women and girls, the strategy presented in Equality in Law for Women and Girls by 2030 focuses on the repeal or revision of discriminatory laws as an important part of a broader legal reform agenda that supports the achievement of gender equality. Between 2019 and 2023, the strategy aims to fast track the repeal of discriminatory laws in six thematic areas in 100 countries and is expected to address the legal needs of over 100 million women and girls.
The high-level launch event for Equality in Law for Women and Girls by 2030 brings together government representatives, civil society organizations and UN partners with the primary objective of generating awareness on the important role of gender equal laws in the achievement of gender equality and reinforcing the importance of eliminating discriminatory laws in all countries.
The event will take the form of a roundtable conversation on experiences, solutions and commitments towards the elimination of discriminatory laws and will be moderated by the Global Executive Director of Equality Now, Yasmeen Hassan.
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