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(Panel 2 & 3) International Dialogue on Migration 2017
18 Apr 2017 -  Panel 2 – The Global Compact on Migration as a tool for migration governance and the role of global and regional actors
The New York Declaration sets out the aim for a Global Compact on Migration (GCM) as an important contribution to the global governance of migration and coordination of efforts on migration among States as well as all relevant stakeholders. The GCM would present a global comprehensive framework for heightened collaboration on all aspects of international migration, including the humanitarian, developmental and human rights. This panel discussed means to enhance governance and coordination on international migration at the global and regional levels. There will be a focus on strengthening migration governance capacities of States to enable them to respond to multidimensional challenges of human mobility. These challenges include but are not limited to the most complicated ones, such as: protection of migrants at risk, facilitating labour migration, and arrangements for return and reintegration consistent with international standards.
The panel also looked at how to improve coherence within and among different levels of governance and how to mainstream the role of international and regional actors in migration governance frameworks.
Panel 3 – Reaching a-whole-of-government approach to migration: national and local perspectives
The law and policy affecting the movement of people are not restricted to any single issue, but include many economic, social, environmental and humanitarian dimensions. At the same time, the impacts of migration are most evident at the local level. This implies involving all parts of government, from the national to the local level, as well as all ministries with responsibilities touching on the movement of people. This panel explored the whole of government approaches to migration governance, looked at the various institutional mechanisms in place in certain countries and how they work together, and focused on how to streamline migration governance at national and local levels.
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