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PANEL 3: Recognition of skills - 6th Informal Thematic Session, Global Compact on Migration
13 Oct 2017 -  PANEL 3: Recognition of skills and qualifications and relevant measures

This panel will discuss ways to address labour market needs and skills shortages at all skill levels in both countries of destination and origin, through regular pathways for migration. The panel will explore good practices for facilitating the interjurisdictional recognition and validation of qualifications, skills and competencies, as well as prior learning of migrant workers to ensure optimal mobility and matching of these skills to available jobs. This panel will further examine how public employment services, employers and the private sector, public-private partnerships, trade unions and other civil society actors can support skills mobility.
• Ms. Elisa Fornalé - World Trade Institute - University of Bern
• Ms. Lynn Shotwell, Executive Director for the Council for Global Immigration
• Ms. Shannon Lederer - Director of Immigration Policy - AFL-CIO
?Moderator: H.E. Mr. Michel Lastschenko, Special Envoy for Migration and Asylum of Belgium and H.E. Ms. Marta Maurás, Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations in Geneva
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