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Panel Two: access to resettlement - 4th Thematic Discussion, UNHCR Global Compact on Refugees
14 Nov 2017 -  Panel Two: How can we expand access to resettlement?
H.E. Mr. Andre Pung, Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Estonia
Ms. Kate O’Malley, Deputy Director (Pillar III), Division of International Protection, UNHCR
• Expanding and strengthening resettlement programmes
Ms. Kate Carr, Deputy Director, Resettlement Asylum Support and Integration, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
• Providing support to emerging resettlement countries
Dr. Federico L. Agusti, Director of International and Social Affairs, National Directorate of Migration, Argentina
• Enabling emergency transit mechanisms
Ms. Crina Antea, Resettlement Specialist Officer, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romania
• Promoting the active involvement of civil society in resettlement
Mr. Jasper Kuipers, Deputy Director, Dutch Council for Refugees
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