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(Part 1) “What I bring to the workplace” - Enabling all persons with Down syndrome to contribute and live valued working lives, to be fully included in the community - World Down Syndrome Day Conference
21 Mar 2018 -  The overall aim of the event will be for persons with Down syndrome to reach out to members of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and government and UN officials to ensure they see how persons with Down syndrome can and do make meaningful contributions to the community throughout their lives. In doing so, the organizers hope to encourage these key stakeholders to disseminate this message through their work to bring about change and ensure persons with Down syndrome have opportunities to contribute.
Participants will comprise a mix of persons with Down syndrome, supporters and advocates, members of the UN CRPD Committee and government and UN officials and NGO representatives with professional experience and expertise. Efforts will be made to invite participants from a diverse range of countries and world regions.
The format will comprise a preparatory workshop for persons with Down syndrome and advocates, followed by an “open format” discussion to encourage maximum learning and arrive at tangible follow up actions.
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