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(Part 1) 2016 UNIS-UN conference - 2016 Media's Influence: Opinions, Activism, & Outcomes
3 Mar 2016 -  The 2016 UNIS-UN conference will focus on Media’s Influence: Opinions, Activism, and Outcomes. Media has a tremendous impact on global politics and societal issues, especially in today’s technologically driven and rapidly evolving world. Students from thirty different countries will explore media related topics such as propaganda, social reform, activism, political unrest, and the ways in which media shapes statistics and trends. We will investigate social media as a source of change and as a platform for propaganda. Social media enables businesses to advertise their products in an inexpensive and effective manner, allowing companies to enhance brand image. Social media has inspired mass movements in many countries, as well. Traditional forms of media such as television, newspapers, and magazines also have a major influence on our international relations. Traditional media offers an alternative and fascinating perspective on many issues. Nevertheless, it is important to question how this form of media has been forced to adapt to our technologically advanced generation. How has traditional media changed in the last twenty years and will it survive in the future?
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