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(Part 1) Practical Solutions to Eradicating Human Trafficking
9 Nov 2018 -  PURPOSE: Form a “anti-human trafficking worldwide group”, whose synergy more successfully impacts the areas of fighting all forms of human trafficking--sexual exploitation, forced labor and organ harvesting for working towards a common goal. Through the various talents, skillsets, and contacts, a multi-level effort will simultaneously work from the bottom up and the top down to ultimately change attitudes & behavior to recognize the crime and take action. Need to gain support and involvement to strengthen, raise the level and ‘professionalize’ our responses to eradicating human trafficking.

STRATEGY: To drive delivery to ending human trafficking and modern slavery.
Through a focus driven initiative of a multi-disciplinary team:
• Governmental Agencies – Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement
• Private Sector – Business, Airline Industry, Sports Industry, Hospitality Industry
• Healthcare Sector
• Education/Academia Sector
• Non-Government Agencies
• Faith Groups
• UN Agencies
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