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(Part 1) UNDER CTRL: Technology, Innovation and the Future of Work - 42nd Annual UNIS-UN Conference
28 Feb 2018 -  The conference will be exploring present innovations and the possible social and political implications. It is clear technology is already shaping our lives significantly, in terms of production, energy use, development and security. The 2018 UNIS-UN conference will explore questions regarding the way in which innovations will improve not only lifestyle, but also efforts in development. Participants will investigate how our increasing use of technology may also be a risk to our privacy, and the profound social and political effects, the rapid rise in automation may have on future generations of workers. As ambassadors for the future, these issues will have the greatest impact on our own lives, and therefore, it is critical that we develop a deeper understanding of these issues and how to address them properly.

How will innovations improve lifestyle, help in development and in creating a more sustainable future? What are some of the risks of relying so much on technology and data which can fall into the wrong hands? What does automation mean for the jobs of many? What are the political and social consequences? What can we do instead/ what are the solutions?
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