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(Part 2) - 14th Info Poverty World Conference
10 Apr 2013 -  As we are approaching the conclusion of the 2015 MSG and the post-2015 agenda, the Conference will review the progress made on the goals achieved and on the growing relevance that the Digital Revolution has in human progress, widening the access to knowledge and to communication to almost the whole of mankind and placing the tools required directly in the hands of those who need them, delineating existing prospects and opportunities ready to be grasped, and investigating, in the wake of the 2011 IWC “Who Drives the Digital Revolution”, the on-going processes, which record also remarkable critical issues on the usage of the ICTs.

11.30am – 1.00 pm Second Session


Chair: Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner, Responsible for the European Digital Agenda.

Toshiko Murata, senior advisor of Infopoverty Program.

Luigi de Vecchis , B! Technologies.

Antoine Tristan Mocilnikar , Director for Sustainable Development at the Union for the Mediterranean Mission, French Republic Presidency.

Antonio Di Giulio, head of Unite, Directorate- General for Research & Innovation.

Hussain Badrawi, President of Badrawi Foundation, Egypt.

Luca Neri, Vice President Winfocus international.

Hewan Teka Legesse, President of Bianca Foundation, Ethiopia.

Ibrahim O. Dabbashi , Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Libya to UN.
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