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(Part 2) Latino Impact Summit 2019
2 Dec 2019 -  This annual summit is a movement of more than 200 regional leaders creating alliances to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the Americas. This event convened representatives of all sectors in the United Nations Headquarters to discuss the challenges and propose solutions to contibute to the growth and advancement of the region. Themes discussed during this event included the status of sustianable devlopment, decent work and economic growth, blockchain for social impact, reduction of inequalities through renewable energy sources, and women in technology.
- Latino Impact Capsule: Scholas
- The power of media and digital platforms to transform the region
- Women leading the transformation of the region
- Publicity at the service of the people and the planet
- Latino Impact Capsule
- Colombia, a country of opportunities
- Panamá as the main country of Latino Impact Summit 2020
- Latino Impact Awards: Carlos Vives, Fundador de Tras La Perla
- Closing remarks
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