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(Part 2) The Peacebuilding Commission Annual Session - Regional approaches to peacebuilding: The Sahel, Lake Chad Basin, and the Mano River Union
4 Dec 2019 -  The overall objective of the Peacebuilding Commission Annual Session is to review challenges and opportunities for enhancing regional and sub-regional approaches to peacebuilding in the Sahel, the Lake Chad Basin, and the Mano River Union (MRU). Building on relevant PBC meetings in the last two years, including the 2019 ECOSOC-PBC meeting on ‘transhumance in West Africa and the Sahel’, the annual session will focus on:
Ensuring consistent PBC accompaniment to the Sahel region, to sustain international attention and to advance a more coherent, coordinated and action-oriented approach to peacebuilding and sustaining peace. The meeting will provide an opportunity to brief on the recalibrated focus of the UNISS and on challenges and opportunities to implementing UN support plan.
Maintain attention to the specific multi-faceted challenges in the Lake Chad Basin, with particular emphasis on international response to massive displacement, and explore best ways to support ongoing regional efforts.
Taking stock of the PBC/UNOWAS visit to MRU countries from 4 to 8 November, explore ways to consolidate ongoing efforts to address cross-border/regional challenges and support the region’s movement towards strong economic growth and steady progress in governance and institution building.
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