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(Part 3) - 14th Info Poverty World Conference
10 Apr 2014 -  As we are approaching the conclusion of the 2015 MSG and the post-2015 agenda, the Conference will review the progress made on the goals achieved and on the growing relevance that the Digital Revolution has in human progress, widening the access to knowledge and to communication to almost the whole of mankind and placing the tools required directly in the hands of those who need them, delineating existing prospects and opportunities ready to be grasped, and investigating, in the wake of the 2011 IWC “Who Drives the Digital Revolution”, the on-going processes, which record also remarkable critical issues on the usage of the ICTs.

2.30pm - 4.00 pm Third Session


This session will foresee an overview on the role of ICTs and the strategies in the achievement of SDGs in developing countries.

Chair: John Steffens, Ph.D., Provost Emeritus and Executive Director of Infopoverty Institute, University of Oklahoma.

Friedrick Norkeh, Minister of Technology,

Liberia Imad Hoballah , CEO Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Lebanon.

Jean-Francis Zinsou , Ambassador Permanent Representative of Benin to t he UN, Chairperson of the UN Coordination Bureau for the Least Developed Countries Group.

Robert St. Thomas, Smarter Solutions Delivery Executive, IBM Global Business Services.

Umar Amjad, Ph.D. Chief Architect, GAID eNabler Project University of Pennsylvania and Harrisburg University.

Alxei Tikhomirov, Chief, Transition Economics Unit: Development Planning and Policies, UN DESA.

Aline Kabbatende , Senior Official of Rwanda Government.

Sharon Brennen-Haylock, Director, FAO, Liason Office with the UN.
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