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(Part 3) 16th annual International Human Rights Summit 2019
28 Jun 2019 -  On the second day, the Summit continues with presentations and panel discussions on crucial human rights issues and ways to handle them. Officials and Human Rights advocates will share their work to make human rights a global reality.
The 16th annual International Human Rights Summit is an open event organized by Youth for Human Rights International in collaboration with leading NGOs and Permanent Missions to the United Nations. The 2019 Summit is being held to bring the importance of raising awareness about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), its historic impact on the world and what we need to do now to get it further implemented across all nations to the attention of the UN member states, educators, youth and civil society actors.
The key feature of the annual International Human Rights Summit are advocates who are using education about the UDHR as the tool to improve the state of human rights, resolve conflicts, foster gender equality and address other issues such as human trafficking in their countries. Youth are joined by officials and advocates from around the world who work for equality and justice through human rights education. Over the past 16 years the Summit has evolved into a platform to establish international partnerships and friendships with delegates from more than 70 countries.
The Summit also features the Human Rights Hero Awards, acknowledging those whose courage and determination has raised the bar on human rights in their respective nations and communities.
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