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(Part 4) Third International Day of Women and Girls in Science Forum
9 Feb 2018 -  Girls in Science for Sustainable Development: Vision to Action
Chairs: Talya Ozdemir and Rebeca Jakogian
Mentor: Andrew Muetze – International Educator, Switzerland
HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite
H.E. Ambassador Nguyen Phoung Nga, Permanent Representative of Viet Nam to the United Nations
María José Solís Rivera: “What Can We Achieve as Women in the Future in Technology and Robotics?”
Sthuthi Satish: “Everyday Bias and Oppression in the Classroom”
Huaxuan Chen: “Why Science needs women and girl?”
Annelise Faustine Cornet: “How I feel about science?”
Gilda Jarquín Somoza: “How can role model in the field of science and technology influence our lives?”
Ava Patino: “Where Science Meets Humanities: my Experience of the Two Worlds”
Mariela Muñoz Herrera and Dana Mesén Guerrero: "Together Achieving Equality and Innovation for the Good of Humanity”
Janice Tjan and Karen Li: “Equal & Opposite Reactions: How Greater Female Involvement Can Change the World of STEM”
Michelle Liang, Carmen Munoz-Medrano, and Wardah Sheikh: “How to improve science education”
Stephannie Aguilar Mora and Darlyn Vargas Vivas: “The Discrimination that Women and Girls Live with, Day to Day with Respect to Labor Issues”
Annie Ikemoto: A Girl's Adventure in Science
Talar Terzian "Borderless Opportunities for a Girl in STEM"
Vanessa Leal and Mosammat Muna: Equality for Women in STEM Careers: How can we get girls more interested in Computer Science?”
Audrey Lee: “Mentorship, Technology & Innovation: my Experience”
Or Kulishevski: “Creating a movement to Engage more girls in STEM”
Debate Initiated by Dr. Kavita Imrit: “Science in our Daily life”
Summary and Conclusion
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