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(Part 5) - 14th Info Poverty World Conference
11 Apr 2014 -  As we are approaching the conclusion of the 2015 MSG and the post-2015 agenda, the Conference will review the progress made on the goals achieved and on the growing relevance that the Digital Revolution has in human progress, widening the access to knowledge and to communication to almost the whole of mankind and placing the tools required directly in the hands of those who need them, delineating existing prospects and opportunities ready to be grasped, and investigating, in the wake of the 2011 IWC “Who Drives the Digital Revolution”, the on-going processes, which record also remarkable critical issues on the usage of the ICTs.

09.30am – 11.30 pm Fifth Session


In the light of the next challenges of the post-age nda 2015, it’s now important to take into consideration which of the tools furnished by the digital innovation are the most useful in order to achieve wellbeing, and which se rvices are most suitable for the needs of disadvantaged communities. It is also urgent to define a model of sustainable development through e-governance, able to ensure fo od and health security, education and full employment in a context of freedom and dem ocracy.

Chair: Palitha T.B. Kohona, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UN In videoconference with European Parliament seat in Milan for EXPO 2015

Co-chair: Bruno Marasà, Head of the Information Office in Milan of the European Parliament

Ruggero Gabbai, President of the City Council of Milan for Expo 2015

Alberto Martinelli, Professor Emeritus, Università degli Studi of Milan

Gloria Starr Kins, editor in chief and publisher, Society & Diplomatic Review

Calvin Burgess, CEO, Dominion Farms,

Neeley Hicks, Assistant Director United Methodist

Sean McDonald, CEO, Frontline SMS

Marc Abbyad, Medical Mobile

Matthew Kam, CEO, Inveneo

Ben Kuzora, President of the Eastern Africa Diaspora Business Council (EADBC)

Emmanuel Amos, Ceo PROGRAMOS Nigeria (West Africa)

Jasmina Bojic, Founder and Executive Director UNAFF and UNAFF Traveling Film Festivals

Lola Poggi Goujon, CICT- ICFT NGO official Partner OF UNESCO
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