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(Part 4) UNA-USA Global Engagement Summit
23 Feb 2018 -  Previously known as Members’ Day at the UN, the Global Engagement Summit allows UN advocates to participate in a day of dynamic and informative discussions on the most pressing issues facing the United Nations.

- Breakout Session III
Issue Track: Private Sector’s Role In Achieving The Global Goals
The UN estimates that achievement of the Global Goals will cost between $2-3 trillion. This will be impossible without the involvement of the private sector.The business community can contribute financial and human resources, but must also responsibly incorporate the goals into their business missions, values, supply chains, services, products, and daily practices. We are pleased to present panelists offering three different perspectives: a small social enterprise, a major multinational corporation, and an organization seeking to mobilize the private sector’s potential to improve our world.

- Breakout Session IV
Issue Track: The Global Refugee Crisis
As we engage in this panel, thousands of people are fleeing their homes every day in search of safety. Refugees are crossing borders, arriving in remote rural communities or in sprawling cities affected by urban poverty. Others are uprooted within their own countries, forced from their homes by major security operations or armed clashes, caught in the midst of conflict, often without the option of making their way to safety abroad. Across the world, we also see humanity, generosity, resilience, welcome, patience, determination, and understanding, reminding us that extending protection to those in search of refuge is an age-old value, as well as a universal, binding, legal obligation. The panelists will discuss the state of the global refugee crisis and the response of the international community.

Closing Plenary
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