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Global Week of Action: Re-cap of Actions from around the World, SDG Action Zone during the High-Level Week (24 September 2019)
24 Sep 2019 -  People and organisations are taking Action for the SDG in different locations around the world as part of the Global Week to Act4SDGs. By directing the audience to the global map of action, a selection of actions will be showcased, covering a broad geographic and sectoral diversity and linking to themes associated with each day.
Head of the UN SDG Strategy Hub Dawda Jobarteh and Marina Ponti, Global Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign introduction to the SDG Action Zone.
- Hamzat Lawal, Anti-Corruption Activist, Founder of Connected Development and Initiator of Follow the Money
- Oli Henman, Global Coordinator, Action for SD: Stand Together Now Campaign
- Karol Arambula, International Affairs & Sustainable Development Expert
- MY World 2030 Mexico- National SDG Week of Action
- Hatim El Otmani, President and Founder, Atlas for Development

The SDG Action Zone, held during the High-level week of the UN General Assembly, is a space to break out and engage partners for transformative SDG action in new and innovative ways.
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