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United Nations Security Council Arria-Formula Meeting - Implementation of UNSCR 2118: OPCW FFM Report on Douma
20 Jan 2020 -  On 7 April 2018, various claims were made of the alleged use of toxic chemicals as a weapon in Douma, the Syrian Arab Republic.
The meeting will allow for an assessment by eminent and expert speakers of the situation surrounding the OPCW FFM Final Report on the incident in Douma, the Syrian Arab Republic, 7 April 2018. This should include, inter alia:
Reflection on international responsibilities to uphold the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Discussion on the obligation to ensure the integrity of Fact-Finding Missions as well as the protection of the independent status of their personnel.
Examination and recommendations on measures of accountability in cases where the independent status of Fact-Finding Missions was violated and/or its individual members were persecuted for the diligent fulfillment of their relevant mandates.
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