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(Plenary 6) 1st Session of United Nations Group of Expert on Geographical Names
1 May 2019 -  Toponymic education (Working Group on Training Courses in Toponymy)
Toponymic terminology (Working Group on Toponymic Terminology
As fundamental to the need for global standardization of geographical names, the United Nations Group of Expert on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) promotes the recording of locally-used names reflecting the languages and traditions of a country. UNGEGN's goal is for every country to decide on its own nationally standardized names through the creation of national names authorities or recognized administrative processes. With the wide dissemination of the nationally standardized forms through gazetteers, atlases, web-based data bases, toponymic guidelines, etc., UNGEGN can promote the use of these names internationally. For each non-Roman alphabet or script this will be through the adoption and use of a single scientifically-based romanization system.
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