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Preparing for the 20th anniversary of 1325: Pledge of commitments on Women, Peace and Security
23 Apr 2019 -  Security Council resolution 1325 will turn 20 years old on 31st October 2020. Two decades after the Security Council first observed that a lack of gender equality adversely affects the maintenance of international peace and security, more attention is paid to assuring women’s participation in peace processes. Regrettably the absence of women from peace negotiations and decision-making is still far too common place. Violence committed against women and girls in conflict situations may be more thoroughly documented and condemned but has not abated. A new generation of programmes and jurisprudence aims to help survivors and deter perpetrators but neglect and impunity are still rampant. Seventy-nine countries have adopted National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security and the global footprint of this agenda has grown significantly, but implementation has not matched the rhetoric heard at summits or the targets set on paper. Financial support to gender equality in conflict and post-conflict countries has increased, but funds often fail to reach the most vulnerable or support the women’s organisations who work to prevent violence and build peace in their communities.
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