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Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan: 'innovation is crucial for improving health of newborns'
15 Nov 2013 -  SCRIPT:
Globally, every year over 15 million babies are born too soon and of those babies more than one million die as a result of their early birth. During a panel discussion at the United Nations Headquarters, approaches to improve newborn health for every baby were discussed. One of the challenges is improving the quality of care around birth, when the risks are highest for both women and their babies. Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan, who is an advocate for maternal and newborn health, said innovation is key.

"A large part of the solution lies in innovation across the entire spectrum of reproductive, maternal newborn and child health and in all sectors."]]

She introduced NeoNatalie, a life like doll and a 'newborn simulator', which is part of a training program for health care workers.

"Would you like to look after her? Thank you. She's filled with water so her head flops and you really find that after a while you really start to look after her."]]

A pilot project with the simulator in Tanzania reduced newborn mortality with almost 47 percent.
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