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Rebirthing the Global Economy to Deliver Sustainable Development" event
1 Jul 2020 -  A series of roundtables with distinguished women economists convened by the Secretary-General.
In the past six months the world has experienced a global pandemic in the form of COVID-19—that has gone beyond a health and humanitarian crisis to also become an unprecedented global development emergency.
To respond and recover better, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has called for a comprehensive multilateral effort aligned to Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. This includes measures to suppress the transmission of the virus and tackle the immediate social and economic dimensions of this human crisis.
It also requires an assessment of the structural vulnerabilities that facilitated the crisis and plans for a recovery that puts inclusiveness and sustainability at the center of all efforts.
Following on from the High-Level Event on Financing for Development in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond, convened by the Prime Minister of Canada, the Prime Minister of Jamaica and the Secretary-General, there are clear elements that need to be addressed at global and systemic levels. Among them: debt, external finance and international trade require urgent attention. There is also a need to engage new and diverse perspectives, to rethink old models, and to recover from COVID-19 stronger.
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