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SC President, Néstor Osorio (Colombia) on Somalia and the Middle East, including the Palestinian territories – Security Council Media Stakeout (25 July 2012)
25 Jul 2012 -  Press Statement on Somalia:

On 24 July the UN Security Council received a briefing from the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Dr Augustine Mahiga, on the transition process in Somalia. The Council was also briefed by H.E Hardeep Puri, Ambassador of India, and Chairman of the Somalia and Eritrea Sanctions Committee, on the final reports of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group. The Members of the Security Council noted that the transition was at a decisive phase, with under a month to go until its end. The members welcomed some of the recent progress on the Roadmap and its associated agreements, including the June agreement of the Nairobi Protocols and publication of the new draft Constitution.
The Security Council welcomed recent military gains by AMISOM and Transitional Federal Government forces in Somalia and noted the importance of establishing legitimate governance systems swiftly in these areas. The members of the Council paid tribute to the sacrifices and bravery shown by AMISOM personnel in the pursuit of peace and stability in Somalia.
The members of the Council welcomed some recent developments to end the transition, including the selection of the 825 members of the National Constituent Assembly which convened on 25 July. However, the members of the Security Council also expressed serious concern that deadlines agreed recently in Addis Ababa, Nairobi and through the Garowe Process continued to be missed. This included the appointment of members of the Somali Parliament. The members of the Council reiterated that the transition must end on 20 August 2012 and urged the Transitional Federal Institutions and the Roadmap signatories (the Principals) to redouble their efforts to complete the Roadmap tasks, and deliver on their commitments in a timely and effective manner. The members of the Security Council underlined that the best way to deliver peace, security and economic development to the people of Somalia was through accountable, representative institutions, delivered through a transparent process. The members of the Security Council expressed serious concern at the reports on financial transparency in Somalia. They called again for the end of the misappropriation of funds, which undermined the ability of the authorities to deliver essential services to the Somali people. They stressed the need for improved financial transparency and management to help lay the groundwork for better economic and social development in Somalia.
The members of the Security Council underlined the primary importance of the transition process and underlined their resolve to take action against individuals and entities threatening the peace, security, and stability of Somalia, including after the August transition deadline has passed. The members of the Security Council further underlined the importance of regional cooperation and dialogue for promoting durable peace and stability in Somalia.
The members of the Security Council encouraged all Somalis to engage constructively in the political process and move towards a more peaceful and stable Somalia. The coming weeks represent an unprecedented opportunity to realise the ambitions of the Somali people for peace and prosperity, through a transparent transition to accountable governance. The members of the Security Council called on the Principals to seize this opportunity.
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