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(Session 6) World Women's Health and Development Forum
12 Feb 2015 -  The Inaugural World Women’s Health and Development Forum, organised by the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) in partnership with the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs, aims to advance the health, wealth and empowerment of women in all of their diverse communities. The Forum is the first international step towards a collaborative approach to women’s health and wellbeing.


15.00 – 15.10 Moderator Remarks: H.E. Mrs. Edita Hrda, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the United Nations
15.10 – 15.20 H.E. Ms. Benedicte Frankinet, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Belgium to the United Nations
15.20 – 15.30 Dr. Jacob Kumaresan, Executive Director, WHO Office at the United Nations
15.30 – 15.40 Lt-Colonel Ziad Kaed Bey, Head of Human Rights Department, Internal Security Forces, Ministry of Interior, Republic of Lebanon
15.40 – 16.30 Professor Leigh Rich lead Discussant, Forum Declaration
16.40 – 16.45 Moderator Remarks: Mr. Amir Dossal, Founder and Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum
16.45 – 16.55 Assistant Secretary-General, Deputy Executive Director, UN Women H.E. MS. Lakshmi Puri
16.55 – 17.05 Mr. Enver Yucel, President and Chairman of Board of Trustees, Bahcesehir University, Turkey
17.05 – 17.10 Statement from H.E. Dr. Flavia Bustreo, Assistant Director-General - Family, Women's and Children's Health, WHO
17.10 – 17.20 Forum Declaration: Mr. Richard Jordan, Royal Academy of Science
17.20 – 17.25 H.E. Ms. Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health, Russian Federation
17.25 – 17.30 Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli, Minister of Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberty
17.30 – 17.35 H.E. Mrs. Marta Arsovska Tomovska, Deputy Minister of Information Society
17.35 – 17.40 Hon. Mr. Samy Gemayel, MP, Republic of Lebanon
17.40 – 17.45 Mr. Nikil Seth, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, UN DESA
17.45 – 17.50 Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite, Executive Director, Royal Academy of Science International Trust
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