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(Session-II) Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Annual Parliamentary Hearing: Making markets work for people: regulations and safeguards (19 November 2014)
19 Nov 2014 -  Session-II:
Leading questions
What regulations are needed to ensure that markets work for the people?
What policies can countries at all stages of development implement to support essential safety nets?
Are austerity policies always justified during an economic downturn and how can they be tailored to protect the most vulnerable?

Hon. Fernando Bustamante, Member of Parliament, Ecuador
H.E. Mr. Fernando Carrera Castro, Permanent Representative of Guatemala to the United Nations
Ms. Eva Jespersen, Deputy Director, UNDP Human Development Report Office
Ms. Jessica Evans, Senior researcher and advocate working on international financial institutions, Human Rights Watch

Ms. Julia Taylor-Kennedy, broadcast journalist, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

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