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South Sudan - In their Own Words: Ken Payumo's Story
14 Nov 2014 -  UN staffer Ken Payumo has received the 2015 Humanitarian Award from from the MY HERO International Film Festival. In early 2104, Payumo, an unarmed civilian, was in charge of the UN compound in Bor, South Sudan.
12,000 civilians had fled there to shelter from heavy fighting. Payumo found himself facing an official accompanied by 80 armed soldiers insisting on entering the compound. He feared that they would round up and kill many inside. Despite being threatened, he refused to let them in - and the civilians inside remained unharmed.

A short film about the incident, made for UNTV, has won 1st Place in the festival's Human Rights category and also the Ron Kovic Peace Prize.
The film - in various versions called "Defying Death in South Sudan" and "South Sudan - In Their Own Words: Ken Payumo's story", was featured on UNTV's flagship programme 21st Century.
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