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Spotlight The Ultra Poor: Serving Those Most in Need, #RotaryUNDay - Rotary Day at the United Nations 2016
12 Nov 2016 -  Featuring: “Rotary Responsible Business Award”. Recognizing those living on less than $1.25 per day have limited physical, human and financial assets and social networks, the poor are unable to leverage community or external resources. Most humanitarian organizations are neither focused on nor equipped to serve the Ultra Poor. — Moderator: Knut Johnsen, Rotary Representative to the United Nations/ New York — UN Expert: Bjorn Gillsater, Manager, World Bank New York — Business Expert: Tara Nathan, Executive Vice President, Public Private Partnerships at MasterCard (invited) — Rotary Responsible Business Honoree: Annemarie Mostert, Rotary Club of Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa Given the current international conversation about the need for inclusive economic development, youth outreach, gender equity, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and broader concerns about social stability, Rotary proposes the 2016 program focus on the theme Business and Rotary’s Service to Humanity entitled, Responsible Business, Resilient Societies. Recognizing that no one organization alone can address the challenges of inclusive economic development, Rotary will look toward leaders in the field. Rotary Day at the United Nations thus provides the opportunities for collaboration with the UN Global Compact, UN Development Programme, Business for Peace Foundation, World Economic Forum, Columbia and New York University business schools, and similar globally-minded corporate thought leaders.
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