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Tackling misinformation & building trust to achieve universal health coverage: A UN high-level event to champion children’s right to immunization
28 Jun 2019 -  UNICEF and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations are holding a high-level event to bring together decision makers, the global health community, governments, civil society actors, and the private sector, including technology companies to take action in combating misinformation on vaccination, building trust and confidence on vaccines and improving quality of care to ensure children worldwide have access to vaccination. This will be the first event of its kind, focusing on misinformation and vaccination, to take place at the UN.

Over the last three decades, the world has seen significant improvements in health and well- being of children.  Access to vaccination has contributed to a dramatic decrease in under-five deaths. The world is on the brink of eradicating deadly diseases that were, until recently, affecting millions of children. But more important challenges remain. Despite clear evidence around the power of vaccines to save lives and control disease, millions of young children around the world are missing out, putting them and their communities at risk of diseases and deadly outbreaks.   Access to quality primary health care, including immunization, which is critical to achieving Universal Health Coverage, is greatly undermined by weak health systems, poverty and conflict.

New challenges are also emerging. A combination of complacency and skepticism on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, fueled by the proliferation of online misinformation, is increasing public uncertainty about the necessity and importance of immunization, threatening gains made so far.
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